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  • ALH "bisou bisou" - Coverted Tassimo lover here!

    My sister was the Keurig lover and I was the Tassimo lover. It is like Pepsi and Coke; you usually have a preference and can't be converter. I never understood the craze over Keurig, until my sister bought me the Vue.

    I used my Tassimo daily and admit I overbought the discs. I loved that the Tassimo had a barcode reader and knew what temperature to use. It seemed idiot proof. However, it started giving me issues, coffee was always spraying all over the counter and I was fearful sense I have a toddler and worried if she was near it, what it would do. Even after Tassimo had a recall for a part, it did not fix the problem, it was worse! Also, Tassimo stopped carrying A LOT of their coffees. So they had me hooked and then several of the companies dropped Tassimo. I was left with very little to select from and nothing was available on Amazon directly. It was third parties and very expensive. When my Tassimo exploded one day and I had to spend three hours cleaning it up, I was over my love. It was hard to clean, impossible even. Having to descale it to even work sometimes you name it.

    When my sister bought me the Vue, I was in love! Granted, it is hard to find the Vue cups here on Amazon but if you order from Keurig directly, they give you a discount and the shipping is fast!

    I love how you can control the temperature but think the factory setting is fine. Being able to select from so many different types of coffee, tea, cider, I love the choices! I think my favorite is the donut shop coffee. Being able to use a travel mug as well, priceless!

    I will warn that the recyclable cups might not be accepted with the trash company so you might want to check. They are number 5 and my trash company sadly only takes type 1 or 2. I have been asking them to take 5 and hope enough people will ask as well. I was excited about recycling the cups but sadly it is not available to be with the companies around here.

    LOVE this machine! Best gift I ever received and use is several times a day. Some say it is bulky but I have a huge bread box built into my cabinets and just pull it out and in from there so you can't event tell I own it.

    If you are on the fence, I say try it! I was convinced I could not be converted, I was! Now I need to drink a cup of coffee that is waiting for me.

  • Eric Benson - Love It

    I absolutely love this tablet. This is my first tablet ever, so I had to learn to use it. It links up pretty well with my Android phone, and Its UI is easy to navigate. I would recommend this tablet for fist time users on a budget.