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  • motherof2 - very pleasedCame assembled and was so easy to put in the car. Just had to do some adjusting on the straps but otherwise love the car seat. My favortie feature are the locks on each side. They clip into the seat of the car, if u have the feature on your vehicle. Plus you cAn also strap it in with the seatbelt, so needless to say its very secure. I have two of these, one for each car and just love them.
  • P. C. Elliot - Not your ordinary reader...I find it easy to use and read with. I have a really old kindle that I use when the batteries are charging on this one and I really can't wait to go back to this one from the older model. I like many of the tablet features too. This Kindle has actually replaced my heavier usage of my 10" tablet. It fits in my purse or lunch bag very easily.
  • A. Berns "aberns111" - Pet Detective With Search K9s Uses TaggOur Pet Search and Rescue team purchased our first Tagg in April 2012 and have been delighted with both the size and performance of the unit. Because it is used extensively in the field on Working Search K-9s, often in dense brush, heavy vegetation & marshes, we have really put it to the test, and Tagg has proved both user-friendly and reliable. Customer service has been exceptional. Tagg is routinely recommended to all our clients!

    A.Berns, Pet Detective
    Pet Search and Rescue
  • Gianna Oddi - Great for school!This product makes it easy for me to take notes in class, create projects, keep track of things, and easily convert from a PC to a Mac. My school uses Word on PC's and it is so convenient to be able to have identical formats on the Mac! I originally thought about buying the 4 year subscription student version for around $80 but if after the 4 years you want to use the product you have to either buy another subscription or the full product (like this one) anyways; so it makes sense to just buy the full product and not end up paying for something twice!
  • Charisse Moore - Best Advent Calendar YetI bought one for each of my two sons (6, 4) and they just loved them. Every day they were excited to open the new day and build something together. It really helped get them into the Christmas season and they would end up playing with it until dinner if I let them - only to go right back up afterwards!

    Highly recommend this!