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  • Bobbi Jo Thiering "reborn bookworm" - I have come homeI truly enjoy Jan Karon's Mitford Series. I cannot read this series without laughing out loud. Mitford is a town we would all love to belong to. I enjoy the way each character is developed and how they grow in each book. This is a series you will read again and again. I find I love each book more than the last. After I have finished each one I always say that was the best book and my husband just looks at me and says "thats what you said about the last one." If you need a place to relax and find joy you can find it here.
  • Vanessa - Amazing !!We started taking one month ago !! I took FertilAid for women and my husband took FertilAid for men, 3 pills by day as recommended and today we got a positive pregnancy result. We had been trying for seven months and now, just one month taking this supplement, we got it! It really works! My periods are regular. We also used the Clearblue ovulation test to help identifying the ovulation day. We used this test before taking the supplement and my ovulation used to happen one day per period and after taking the supplement, the ovulation result was positive for 3 days. We have noticed no side effect at all; it's a good supplement and we are one more successfull case.

    Thanks FertilAid and God bless the mothers to be.
  • Daniel B - An Enlightening Read!Although this book is seriously controversial and banned in many countries, where owning a copy could result in a swift execution, I must commend Captain Trimmer for presenting his “radical” new theory based off analytical research. Captain Trimmer may have been ostracized by worldwide academics, but he is still a highly respected scholar within my intellectual circle.

    While nearly every university researcher from the “International Committee of Huge Ship Safety” has forever declared that the responsibility of avoiding a ship collision rests solely on huge ships and not pedestrians, Captain Trimmer shakes the very bedrock of the ICHSS’s findings by declaring that the common man can avoid huge ships on his own.

    I recall the days of my college years when I took part in the university sponsored book burnings of Captain Trimmer’s work. How young and foolish I was!

    It was not until I was walking through the beaches of Lake Shore one day when I saw a huge ship heading in my direction and, rather than expecting the ship to move, I moved at an angle where the ship could not possibly hit me. It was then that I experienced a deep revelation, similar to Saint Paul's vision of Christ on the road to Damascus! I found a copy of Captain Trimmer's book in the black market and read it in its entirety in one sitting. I felt intellectually liberated and ever since then I have held secret book discussions with other followers in forests, caves, and the catacombs so that the police could not find out.

    If you want to take the power and learn how the individual can avoid huge ships on his own, you must read this book!
  • Anne fan "Lisa" - Love this book!I absolutely LOVE this book. The writing- it's just so intimate and personal, as if you're hearing the story in person from a good friend. And the drawings and photos are just so lovely. You will laugh out loud often. I love to read it in the mornings with my tea. Have bought more as gifts for close friends. What a great gift! What a great book!
  • Constance Michener - Better Than Summer in Northern ItalyI am a little short on cash and won't be able to get away to Florence and Tuscany this summer, as my friend Lisa is planning to do. But I still have Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, which will do quite well for me. People say you can rent a villa in the Tuscan countryside and the friendly Tuscans will treat you to baskets of vegetables, serenades, wine-soaked evenings, and lovemaking. All of that falls away into chiaroscuro as I sip properly warmed Tuscan Whole Milk. Lisa could get into a whole lot of trouble over there. Just last year there was a terrible thing with European vegetables being tainted with something and they never found the source. Some people say the European countryside is full of bandits and marauders. I've heard there are pick-pockets at work even under Brunellesci's duomo. If you lose your passport, or get charged with a murder you didn't commit, it could take weeks or years to straighten things out. They make a big deal about guns in America, but I've seen The Godfather trilogy. Should I warn Lisa, and tell her about Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz ? ... Let's just let you and I be the wiser!