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  • Kattmom - Of all the things we've purchased, this is the best thing (second to the ergo!)We could not live without this chair. We take it everywhere and the baby feels like he's part of the group. He is so happy when he's at the table and not in a high chair. Besides, some restaurant high chairs are so dirty - I'm happy I don't have to use them.
    The chair is so easy to use and so sturdy. I have come across only one table so far that this would not work on.
  • Jaquelyn Greene - This has really worked for me!I am so excited! I've been taking this since January 2nd and have lost over 11 pounds! I cut down my caloric intake and have increased my exercise, and I take 1 Garcinia Cambogia pill before each meal (3/day) and I'm actually seeing results. I've dieted and exercised in the past with little success, and I always had a difficult time fighting cravings but I really believe this pill has helped me stop having cravings. I no longer want cheeseburgers and chocolate icecream and all that other unhealthy food. Also, I am actually satisfied after eating when I take these pills, I have no more desire for second or third helpings. I have PCOS and am in the obese weight range and have been my whole life. I've tried so many times and thought I'd never lose weight. Now I actually have hope that I can obtain a healthy weight! In fact, my 23rd birthday was this past week and I allowed myself cake and icecream and fast food, but I still lost 4 lbs. And I haven't had any negative side effects. In my opinion, this product is great!
  • Happy Proactiv Customer - PROACTIV IS JUST AWESOME!I Honestly had the worst experience dealing with acne, i tried everything and spent so much money and time on useless treatments, which only made me breakout more.
    I recommend Proactiv to everyone who is suffering from embarrassing, depressing acne . It can be the difference to emotion and confidence we all
    need in our every day life routines!!!!! So do not hesitate and get clear skin now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • David G. Jones - 2013 QuickenWorks fine and has a few more updating features, especially improved budgeting feature. I got this update when I purchased 2012 Turbo Tax from amazon. I was holding back from getting the upgrade because of the bugs other users were complaining about when it was first released. Most of these complaints were with the mobile application. I do not use the mobile feature so it is not an issue with me.
  • Ethan E. Harris "Ethan E. Harris" - My new go-to driveAfter some months of testing this drive, I've found it to be highly reliable. I have moved all my backup and working files to this drive instead of eating up my internal drives. (As another precaution against lost files, I've added another level of redundancy by using MS Live Skybox, My Cubby and Google Drive.)

    The drive itself is relatively quiet. It doesn't add even one dB to my background environment. To ensure it's on, Seagate has added a small green light to inform the user that the connection is good. It's not nearly as bulky as other models I've used. It is simply a black box, sleek in design.

    It does not disappoint.