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  • Jamie - A Peaceful PlaceThe book, At Home in Mitford, by Jan Karon, is about an old and tired preacher that is holding on to more than he is capable of. The town of Mitford is located in between tall mountains that not only separate the people from the rest of the world physically, but also segregates them from the world's problems. This type of book allows people to relax and dream while reading.
    Tim, the Episcopalian preacher, boldly faces all of his problems without regret. Throughout the book he was confronted with difficult problems, such as an enormous dog, a young boy, diabetes, and much more. Plenty of opportunities also come up that he more than happily deals with. This shows that Mitford is rich with surprises and never-ending peace. Tim is stubbornly motivated to go on preaching without rest or any help from others. This type of characteristic especially made him too tired to enjoy living life normally. As Tim helps to improve the life of others based on faith and trust, he finds that everything is becoming more and more difficult for himself. He soon meets a special woman that just moved in next door who helps sooth all of his difficulties.
    Tim continually strives to preach wonderful sermons that lead his own flock of people, while he himself is struggling with his own faith. Throughout the book, every character stays simple and kind to one another. In the end, all of his friends realize how much he has done for them and they arrange for Tim to go and relax on a two month vacation. As a result, anyone that reads this book will be touched by the love and kindness every character shows.
  • Abdul kareem - Best tablet outPutting GPS issue aside this is the best tablet out. Especially with ICS this tablet is a great netbook replacement.
  • Gregory "Gregory" - Had many externalk drives, this one is the best!I used two of those drives for my video files. Connected to USB 3.0 it is very fast. On USB 2.0 it is obviously much slower. It is quiet, runs cool and does not have those obnoxious blue light I have on my older drives. I also like the slim form factor. Would strongly recommend to a friend.
  • Justin Beck - Much better than iWork!I love Apple, but Work sucks. It does not play well with Microsoft Office, which is the standard for all other document, spreadsheet and presentation programs. If you own a Mac, Office 2011 is the only way to go. It will offer support, compatibility, and a simple interface all things that Apple fails to deliver in iWork. Plus it works flawlessly and beautifully on your Mac!