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  • terry - A splendid fictional memoirAlice McDermott has written a book about a place and time in America familiar to many Americans. Even if we didn't grow up in Brooklyn, her setting, many of Marie's experiences, (Marie the main character), were readily recognizable and easy to identify with. The literary device of employing Marie as chief consoler in the neighborhood funeral home gives Alice the ability to reveal much about that epoch through the lives examined after death, as told by various visitors to the wakes and funerals.
    I enjoyed this work, McDermott's first published effort in seven years, an auspicious return for sure.
  • Nunya "nunya__bidness" - Great educational tablet!One of the best things on this tablet is a fun kid's video which teaches the alphabet. My 3 year old daughter watches it all the time and walk around the house singing, "The 'G' goes 'Guh!'". It a powerful thing to watch your child learn while having fun at the same time. She also loves the drawing programs, capturing/editing pics with the onboard cameras and making her own videos. It's a great, creative, teaching tool for any young child. I love it.
  • W. Bales "Blue Echo" - The yellowcake is staleSadly this yellowcake has gone very stale. It was last seen in the State of the Union address by our president where he said Iraq bought Uranium Ore from Niger and used that as a platform to go to war. Our president lied in the state of the union address... wow. If only he had known that the yellowcake uranium is for sale on Amazon, not in Niger.
  • effected - All except the packagingAfter suffering from a chronic issue I am thrilled to find a product that works so well. However I would love to get my hands on the person who designed the packaging. If I want to organize my pills in advance I have to cut down the size of the foil around each pill in order for it to fit the organizer. It is not recommended that you open the packages in advance. This brings up another issue. You can't push the capsules through the foil without breaking the capsule so you have to use scizzors twice, once to cut down the packaging and once each day to open the individual capsule pocket. The packaging is too big. Maybe that's why they cost so much.
  • Leslie - Best investment I ever made on a pillow!I too, was sceptical about spending this much money on a pillow, but I bought it through the manufacterer and the money back gaurantee, plus the 10yr warranty, made me take the leap. I also have cervical problems and I am on permanent disability too. I CAN NOT sleep on a regular pillow anymore! Oh yeah, I have washed it and it has turned out just as great as it started. Everyone I know that has laid on it loves it, so I will probably be buying more for myself and others!