Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College - Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 33071 Pompano Beach, Florida

  • C. Gates "computer geek" - Works great and the app feature is niceMy favorite feature is the app. I know that earlier reviews say that it was buggy, I think they got the kinks worked out. I can write a check and enter it into my phone, then sink to my computer when I'm paying bills and there it is. Now my wife and I can be on the same page with our finances.
  • Abdul - Excellent bookIt is an essential book for medical students, residents and practicing physician.
    short and uptodate
    I have been using it since last several years.
  • Emily Zimmerman - good old fashioned organizing toolA stellar binder for good old fashioned non-digitized organizing. I labeled tabs by categories: mother, sister, aunts (3), female cousins (5), nieces (3), friends, and frenemies. Also, I made special tabbed sections for certain celebrities (Amanda Bynes, Katie Holmes, and Aliana Lohan), and for the 9-women Korean pop band "Girls Generation." Life is so much easier now that I've got all my women organized! Thanks, Avery!
  • AngelaD - Just can't get enoughWe just upgraded from a 2009 Vista to this one and are extremely happy with the product. The company made subtle improvements, which to me make a huge difference. The brake is a big one, I no longer hurt my toes trying to unlock it a well as my son being able to sit upright at the table when we go out. Also the graphite frame with the silver fabric make it look pretty sharp ;). We highly recommend this stroller to anyone!
  • brenda lee - Great Internet SecurityHave been purchasing this Kaspersky Internet Security for the past 3 years now and love it.

    It is easy to install and operate and I do feel as though it is top of the line internet security as I have never had a problem with viruses and malware.

    Got it at a great price 3 years in a row on as well.