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  • ac4warrior - Having been totally in shape, and totally out of shape, this game is perfect for anyoneI've been on both sides of the spectrum, athlete/military shape and total couch potato working up, this game has stuff for the complete range of different fitness levels people are at. If you are starting from pretty much zero they gradually work you up with pretty good exercises and bursts of sprinting during the runs to get your heart rate going. I started out not even being able to finish the first Run exercise to finishing the first and working on the second. Totally 100% excellent game IF you have the motivation to get in shape, you can't beat this game.
  • Alexandria B. - love it buy it!!I loved my kindle fire! I gave it to my 9 y/o niece because she loved it too! that was so hard to do I mean you can use this tablet for everything and it is very user friendly. I want another one. It is definitely worth every penny!
  • Chelle - wonderful :)I LOVE my nutribullet. Ive had mine sine May 31, 2012 and I use it everyday. I bought mine from bed bath and beyond because we had a coupon. I definitely recommend this machine! I knew someone who had it and she strongly recommended it so I purchased one and love it. Anything I put in the machine it blends perfectly. There are no chunks and everything is a smooth liquid consistency. Cleaning is very easy. I use coconut milk instead of water because it tastes better. I had heard reviews of the product leaking but I think that was from an older model that wasn't reinforced. You can see the difference in the blades between the older model and the new one (I saw it on youtube). Mine hasn't leaked once. Remember to make sure blade is closed tightly and that you don't put liquid past the max line and you're good :)
  • Pamela L. Hays - This book is a real eye-opener!!!!I knew this country has been in trouble for a long time and I had some kind of vague knowledge of how we were being led down this path to destruction, but this book is so well written that it explains it all in a very easy-to-read and captivating way that it is very hard to put down. You absolutely must read this book and pass it on to everyone you know who cares about this country before it is too late.