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  • AngelosOne - An excellent book....It is almost a fact of life that liberals/democrats will hate this book. And it always makes me think of that saying, "the truth hurts."

    For the most part, I'm not a very political person, but recently, having found myself to be the only Republican in a democrat family, I've begun to take an interest in reading conservative books. I am a new Coulter reader, but for the most part, while she does tend to be very brazen with her condemnation of democrats/liberals, she makes very valid points. Sadly, I for one agree with her, mostly because I have personally seen some of the democrat's views first hand (in my own family no less). Democrats do seem to hate America, as my sister shows, because she constantly blames it for everything. America gets what they deserve from the middle east or anywhere because we meddle in their affais, or we because we don't do enough. It's almost a no win situation with democrats, because the US is damned if we do and damned if we don't.

    The book itself is a collection of articles written by Miss Coulter, with some additions, and some that were never printed. I found this book an excellent buy, because as I mentioned before, I had not read much Coulter previously, and having them in a collection like this was great.

    Most of her articles are so sensical, I just don't understand why democrats refuse to see. Things such as democrats always trying to sell our country shot, appeal to the French, ask forgiveness of the French, forcing abortion on the country when truthfully, I think most of the country is against it. Forcing their liberal views through the media. And one of the things I hate most, is seeing the fact that most of America is red, while only a few blue liberal bastions such as NY, CA, NJ, etc. exist, yet liberals still have the pretentious air to believe they speak for the majority of the country.

    Living close to NYC, I have begun to dislike democrats very much, mostly because they never have a legitimate argument. Every time I try to have a debate with one, they always resort to name calling or hate filled vitrol about republicans or the "radical right-wingers", or with the most common democrat argument, "I hate Bush, because he's so dumb." Of course, I always laugh at this, considering the people who call President Bush dumb did not go to two Ivy league schools like he did- Yale and Harvard. Of course, liberals will try to say that his family connections got him in and all that bull, as though they knew it for a fact. I love to point out that when the President applied to those schools, his father was not yet the President, so it's not like that influenced anyone, and even having money does not mean those schools will accept you.

    I'm from New Jersey, and I admit that I grew up not giving a damn about the South. I almost fell into the prevelant view of some of the snobbish liberals/democrats from up North, that the southerners are red necks and hicks. Can you believe my sister once said, "The only reason Bush won is because southern hicks who marry their cousins didn't want gays to marry." Yep, I could not believe it myself, since I always though, that while my sister was a bleeding liberal, I never thought she was a bigot. I was ashamed. Of course, it helps that I spend time in the South (when I was in Basic and AIT -Army). I got to know people from the South, and to tell you the truth, it was refreshing to see their rather honest outlook in life, as opposed to the overbearing high and migthy, I know better than you attitude, of Northern democrats. Of course, I'm pretty sure there are racist people still down South, but not as many as the North would like to believe.

    The one chapter in the book, where Ann makes the best case I've seen for the Confederate flag, really got me thinking. Out of instinct, I don't like the Confederate flag (chuck that up to my Northern upbringing- and the constant barrage by the liberal media that it means racism, hate, etc.) However, while I won't say that I now love the Southern Cross, I do believe that they majority of southerners don't like to proudly display it because they want to imply racism, or even hate, but because they are proud of their history. I can see why, because after all, while the North did eventually beat the South, the confederate army did put up an admirable fight.

    Overall, I found this book to be great. Ann has to gift of getting her point across without it being boring. She spices up her arguments and actually makes me want to read what she'll say next. She's unapologetic, and I love that about her. However, while the book's title, "how to talk to a liberal (if you must)" kind of makes one think that they will get a step by step instruction on how to talk to a liberal, it's not really about that. It does not tell you how to talk to them (which I advise you don't anyhow) but what it does give you is something to think about, and if any democrats dares to try to lie to you about something relating to a topic in her book, you can pretty much set them straight.

    A must buy for anyone who like to read interesting arguments by a fine polemicist. Any Republican will most likely enjoy it, while I don't recommend it for liberals, because it will probably give you a heart attack. Democrats are filled with such hate, I can pretty much picture their faces going red in anger while they read it.
  • Mark J. Stenson - Excellent customer serviceI recently upgraded my computer and was having problems "De-Authorizing" and "Re-Authorizing" my software from old computer to the new computer.

    Your customer service agent really helped work out the bugs and now I am up and running again. you plan on making any version of notation software available for the Android platform? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and would really like the ability to work on the road.