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  • Peter - Doesn't get as hot as I expectedI have another external HDD from Toshiba. It is only 1TB and it too requires and external power source rather than just being powered through USB. That Toshiba get's incredibly hot. I don't use it on hot summer days because how hot it gets. This Seagate gets hot but not enough to worry about. It plugs in and works right away and it doesn't have any annoying software on. It had some backup utility but that didn't pop up and annoyingly and it was easy to remove. The drive works fast and it doesn't have any connection problems. Start up from rest is very fast. It functions pretty much like an internal drive. I'm used to USB drives resting and then having to spin up but this one works a lot less annoyingly. I only have USB 2.0 right now so I usually don't see speeds any higher than 40MB/s but that is sufficient and I was able to transfer a lot of files without a problem. Whenever I put together a new computer I'm sure this thing will perform even better. This is actually my first Seagate drive. People are always doomsaying this brand but so far it's good. I would buy this again if ever needed.

    Update: I just remembered that my laptop has USB 3. It is significantly faster even with the slower laptop HDD. I was seeing a consistent transfer speed of around 60-80MB/s. I'm really happy with that. Now I just need to get USB 3 in my desktop.

    edit 9/5/2013: This thing works with a Nexus 7 (2013). Just by an OTG cable and buy the app Nexus Media Importer. There's some free app that works if you root your device.
  • Tom Burger - Bought it for a friendThe author thoroughly revises this book every year to account for the ever evolving methods of companies finding good candidates and the development of new tools for finding a new job or modifying one's career. My friend tends to shun advice and help, but in a weak moment, and with nothing else at hand for her to read, she picked it up almost a month after delivery. I just got a call with those wonderful words we all love to hear, "Your were right and I was wrong." Of course the acid test will be to see if she works the exercises and actually discovers a more rewarding line of work, or at least finds a more rewarding role in the work she currently does, which is medical billing. My advice to everyone else? Don't get into medical billing.
  • J. Kelley - THIS is the hook on high chair you need!I did quite a bit of research before deciding to purchase this chair. The factors I considered were:

    -Value for the money
    -Compact-ness (folded size & weight)
    -Safety & comfort

    This meets or exceeds all my expectations on every point. This is a good looking chair, it's well designed & has a variety of attractive color choices. So far, it's securely fit every table it's been used on. We've attached it to a table with no skirt, about 2.5" in thickness, a table with a large skirt that we had to use the lip of the table top, and a table with a 3" skirt that we were able to get the hooking component around.

    It's less compact than the Phil & Ted's Me Too, BUT it has more padding and structure. For me, that was the Fast Chair's only opponent on that point. Even though it is larger when folded and weighs more, it is worth it for the overall quality & comfort of the chair.

    The storage bag is in a pocket of the chair and is connected. You can't lose it, and it's really simple to put into the bag. I haven't quite figured out what you could use the additional pocket for (possibly spare eating utensils for baby?), but it is a nice feature.

    This is a great chair for the money and in my opinion, negates the need for a large, space-consuming high chair. It has completely replaced that chair in our house. Originally, we made this purchase based on a trip we'll be taking where we will carry the chair in a backpack to use at various restaurants on our vacation, but I've been pleasantly surprised that it works just as well in our home.

    It's absolutely a top-notch product when compared to the features of similar chairs (Regalo Easy Diner, Phil & Ted's Me Too, & the Chicco hook-on). The Phil & Ted's Lobster seems very comparable...except for the price.

    The con:
    -It does take some time to twist the clamps when installing on a table. It's not ridiculous, just longer than I wish it took.

    This chair gets 5 stars from me, it's worth every penny.
  • A. harley - Best calendar availableI purchase this calendar every year. I really love the spiral layout. It makes jotting down things by dates easy. Sure I could use a digital calendar, but if my computer crashes, I lose everything or have to wait days until it is repaired. I can file this calendar away and a year(s) later reference it for my notes. Technology is great; however, there are some things I still prefer to do the old fashioned way.