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  • Peter J. Reno "preno" - This is a great bookThis book is very solid. Personally I don't think it matters what brand of test prep you buy, it only matters how serious you are about studying. That being said, if you study this book seriously - you will score better because Kaplan includes a lot of hints, tips and strategies for all the potential problems. The best part of this book is the practice tests you get with this book because they are computer adaptive, just like the real test.

    If you're looking for resource that will help you learn how to do those pesky math problems you learned in the 5th grade then go to -- It's a free resource and it's loaded with videos and practice problems to help every one out. I used both this book & khan academy and it helped me greatly.
  • kourosh keikhanzadeh "blib" - If it weren't for rogaine, I'd be bald 10yrs agoI love Rogaine. I have been using it since I was in late college (I am 35 now). I totally expected to be bald by now.

    When I stop using rogaine I notice that in the shower i see hair on my hands. With rogaine that rarely happens.

    If your maternal side has hair issues, you should use rogain and early on.

    Note: I am not a physician. Check with your physician first about medical issues etc. Rogaine was used as a high blood pressure medication so make sure it is okay for you