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  • rainydaykissez - Terrifying and yet..."The Road" is one of those books I'm at a loss the describe because it tore me emotionally in so many different directions. Constantly, I was caught between moments inspiring Fear, disgust, anxiety, as well as joy, tenderness, and hope. There was never a dull, useless moment in the book. An excellent read, descriptive and thought-provoking. It did not disappoint but left me torn again, between sadness and peace. I couldn't of asked for a better ending to a story I found myself so invested in.
  • IrishandAwesome "Docjgradyswife" - Great Tablet ( College Student)First off, I have owned so many tablets it's ridiculous. I have owned Ipads, Kindles, Nook's, the first version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 3G, and the list goes on. By far, this is the best tablet I have owned. It works great, the battery lasts forever, the screen is amazing, and it was extremely cheap compared to the price of most other tablets. Google Play store is just as good as the iTunes in my opinion, has pretty much the same apps. I was skeptical when I purchased it because of the older Galaxy Tab I owned, but Samsung has definitely done their homework, and did well with this tablet.
  • LuckyGirl - The torture is acute, but the results are fantasticThere are no words for how uncomfortable this stuff is for the face. There is a reason they don't recommend using it there. It feels like repeatedly being stung all over by needles for hours on end. And the next morning I had welts where the needle stings were the worst. These cleared by that evening. But get this - I, who suffer from terrible facial heat and anxiety sweat, had NO SWEAT on my face during a stressful, physically demanding, 90 degree week. I was so amazed that it made me reapply a week later. When the needle stings set in, I questioned my sanity for repeating the experience, but the subsequent dry week reminded me it was worth it. Hours of torture in exchange for a week of dry face? I'll take it. I think. Ouch!
  • "robbyk" - UnderratedAnimals is probably Pink Floyd's most underrated album, partially because it was made right in between two more well known PF albums, "Wish You Were Here" and of course the monumental "The Wall". While "Wish You Were Here" was more of a tribute to PF's fallen leader, Syd Barrett, "Animals" takes on a whole new idea as a social commentary on the different groups of "animals" that humans become in society. This is another reason why many are reluctant to listen to this album, because they want to hear more music and less commentary.But "Animals" has some of the best musical work that PF has ever done. The 17-minute long "Dogs" goes through so many changes in musical scale that the song almost seems like a musical opera. "Pigs (3 different ones)" has Roger Waters screaming his lyrics about the hoarders of society. And "Sheep", which ranks as one of PF's best songs, utilizes humorous electronica (you'll know when u listen to it), waters' vocals, and a blistering guitar attack by David Gilmour. These three incredible tracks are tied together by the "Pigs on the Wing" tracks, which add a interesting touch to the beginning and end.Although this album signified the first real rift between Waters and his bandmates (Waters wrote most of the material and Rick Wright (keyboards) barely wrote anything), it remains a PF staple. IF you've listened to Dark Side and the Wall countless numbers of times, discover this album. It adds an awesome dimension to the Pink Floyd legacy.