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  • S. Garten "Oz Girl" - Wow, what can I say?? Has already proved invaluable!I read the chapters on Interviews and Salary Negotiation one morning before two interviews later that same day. All I can say is this book has already proved invaluable, as I was pressured into revealing a salary range in the 2nd interview. Without the tips in this book, I doubt I would have handled that situation in the best way. It felt so good to know the BEST thing to say, and then when the interviewer responded exactly the way the book said he would, well, THAT was priceless!

    Thank you for writing this highly informative book for the millions of American out searching for jobs in a tough economy.
  • GLO - True GodsendI couldnt be happier with this product. I first saw it on the doctors and immediately wanted to own it. I have delt with feminine odor for awhile on and off. And lately it had gotten worse. I wasnt sure if i wanted to spend the money but im glad i did. It worked amazingly well the very first use and everytime after that. Im not sure if i need to use it considering my odor problem seem to be gone completely but i still use daily just in case. My only gripe is that a case to store it in would be nice. Or atleast sonething to put it in when i travel...but still 5stars none-the-less!
  • Lorraine in Taos - what's not to love?Received my Apple iPad Mini late last week. The learning curve, even for someone who is not a computer nerd, turned out to be fairly short. There are some features still to learn but I'm now up and running quite happily (even wrote a blog post). I added a case and peripherals since I'm an avid photographer and also a writer who wants to be able to use the mini for editing and writing while traveling or cafe-ing. I purchased the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and the UXWrite app (uses Word and Dropbox to work between computer and iPad). Also, for photo downloading: Apple Lightening readers for memory cards and camera direct. If you only take pics with your iPad or iPhone you don't need this. Since the nearest Apple store is 280 miles round trip I researched and ordered everything through Amazon and it was all efficient and quick. And, oh yes, it fits in a medium-sized handbag!