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  • Korbe Canida - one of the greatest purchases I've ever madeI am currently working through the book, but even before I've reached the end I've gotten more out of this one purchase than I ever could have hoped. Julia's voice in her writing is a joy to read and her tales from the multitude of experiences she has had over the span of her career are incredibly insightful. The assignments and activities engineered toward unlocking ones creativity are challenging at times, but so insanely worth it. I cannot recommend this book enough.
  • Daniel B - The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.I was thunderstruck when it said “great for cereal.” Having been diagnosed with road rage, my doctor recommended I add banana and oatmeal to my diet to keep me calm. I eat a lot of oatmeal at work and having sliced bananas in my bowl is a must. Growing tired of using the plastic knives they give us in the lunchroom that don’t cut decently, I resorted to chopping up my banana by hand. The result was catastrophic. Imagine having mashed banana all over your hands while typing out a lawsuit deadline. The look on my keyboard would make anyone with a soul want to vomit. I really NEEDED my 11am bowl of oatmeal with banana or my road rage disease would morph me into Dr. Jekyll. But my hands would be covered in mashed banana. What might my co-workers think seeing my hands and keyboard? Will they judge me? Will we still be friends after my breakfast is all over? They probably wish I did not eat oatmeal, or even exist at all. Then I tried the banana slicer and my life immediately became doubleplusgood. It cuts the banana into equal sizes without the mushy hands. Many questions came rushing through my mind regarding human ingenuity. Although many evils in this world have been made by man, such as the atom bomb, there is also much good . What will the future of human ingenuity bring? As I sat eating my oatmeal with banana, I remembered my Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.”
  • Northern Shore Rapper - Really long artsy songsThis is the most underated Floyd album and maybe one the most underated albums of all time. It gets better with more listens instead of worse(like The Wall becomes annoying). This album is right up htere with Dark Side and Wish You Were Here. This album reminds very much of classical music, because much of it os instrumental and no song is based on some catchy repetitive hook (which dominates music today). Listen to it a few times before judging it, you'll thank yourself later. Musically as far as Floyd albums go, this album is the opposite of the Final Cut,(minimal synth, little guitar, and very vocally driven), and and lyrically just as good.
  • Buzzard's Wife - Perfect in so many waysI have used these books for 6 years. I have learned so much from the short articles, notations on each date, recipes, Oh, so many things! Plus I keep it on my desk at work. When I am stressed, I get out my crayons and color the prints. So it is more beautiful at the end of the year. I know I will love my 2013 edition, also. Thanks.