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  • Richard W. Brown - Perfect FitFit is perfect! These mold to the floor so well they seem like an extra layer of skin for the floor. There hasn't been any snow here yet (which is the main reason that I purchased them), but there has been enough rain to test these out with kids climbing in and out. These provide great coverage and catch all the water/mud. I can also toss my muddy mountain biking shoes in the floor without worrying about messing up the carpet. Great investment if you use your vehicle for work, play, or carting around a bunch of kids.
  • Lance Tomlin - LOVE THIS PRODUCT!They were very easy to deal with and I even got my tablet 2 days before expected! Great product! Great Service!

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  • Muffy - I LOVED THIS book!This was such a wonderful book! I was totally taken by surprise. The story of Mrs.Noirot and the Duke of Clevedon is so romantic. Each character is TRYING to do the right thing and failing miserably. I love a book where the characters really fall in love with each other. There are a few subplots but the focus of the story is their relationship. I couldn't wait to finish the book but at the same time I didn't want it to end. Two very likable characters. This is a MUST read!
  • John F. Norman II "JFredN" - What support should be.I called Best Buy, and when the young lady determined the solution was past her, referred me, switched my call to Webroot. The Webroot technician quickly understood the problem and did the necessary to get me on my way. Both techs were very pleasant and professional and I am very appreciative. Makes me glad all over again I went to Best Buy and they sold me Webroot!
  • usatut - The answer to this nation's problemsThis book is the answer to what is ailing this nation and the world as well. What happened 2013 years ago to bring us to this time in History? We know that man has been on earth for thousands of years so what happened to start time over again? Jesus died on the cross for us. If He created us and died for us, shouldn't we live for Him? As in Noah
    's time and Jonah's time, GOD warned the people of the consequences of their sinfulness and in the former they did not heed it and perished, in the latter they repented and were spared. This book is definitely Divinely inspired and the recipe for getting us back to the happiness GOD intended for us. This is the ONLY nation on earth that began with a belief in GOD,no other nation can claim that.This nation is only a little over 230 years old and look how far ahead we are of any other nation. But it is slipping away because we lost our moral compass. Read this book with an open mind and you'll see the remedy for returning to prosperity and more importantly, to the love of our Creator.