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  • Norma Roberts - Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013I once had an older version of this and loved it then. The new version is okay and gives me the backup information needed when we go on road trips. Although I am a member of AAA and get their triptick's, this gives me a backup. We also have a Garmin which I love, but we all know that it sometimes takes us to a wrong address.
  • the best game I ever had - awesomeBest app I ever had since 2010 git it now don't turn your back on it I try to git it on my phone to much Mb for but now I Got it on tablet I'M JUST PLAYEN 24/7
  • James R. Kemble - Roxio Creator 2011This program was shipped to me quickly and in good shape. I had extensive problems getting the program to operate properly on my Windows 7 powered computer. The Roxio people worked with me to solve all many problems. Now the program is loaded and works super well. I am very happy with the product and the many things (CD/DVD burning, photo enhancement, disk copying, DVD playing, etc.)
  • Steve Gollis - Waited to use a bit before writing a review!I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review, as I'm skeptical about these products until I've used them a bit. Verdict? Completely lives up to the hype. First, the end result: rich, creamy soft-serve type dessert made with only what you put in (in our case bananas from the garden mixed with frozen fruits from the grocery store. No sugars or other ingredients, and it can be adjusted to your whim. Second, the clean-up: Easy and quick. No figuring out what goes where, it is quick to clean and the blade attachment is not like a food processor blade (untouchable by human hands). On the Yonanas, the bladed attachment is not too sharp and can be easily soaped and rinsed clean without risk of cuts. We're using it regularly, and we love it!
  • carol - A must read for every womenThis is a must read for every working women who has children, is thinking on having a family or entering the workforce. Sheryl Sandberg's take on why women do not get ahead in the work place is dead on. Not only will you have a better understanding why men continue to get the promotions and make more money but you will close the book feeling a sense of empowerment and strength.