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  • Mike Wohletz - Worth the priceI love this carseat and love how safe it is. Baby is 4 months old, still lots of room to grow in here. We had the older model, and this fits that older base. Changes to the new one include (all great improvements!): can be buckled in without base, side impact protection flaps, and shoulder straps easily adjust without re-threading. Only drawback is that it is tricky to take cover off to wash. Interesting consideration, these higher end carseats do not have "expiration dates" like their cheaper competitors, so it could serve for a few children. Manufacturer still recommends not using past certain number of years.
  • wroclaw82 - Useful ResourceThis is a very useful resource in the medical school application process. It gives essential information in an accesible format.
  • M. A. Ramos - The World According to AnnAnn Coulter is a syndicated columnist. In this book she presents her writings about American liberalism. Her commentary covers the war on terrorism, the 2004 presidential election, the state of the Democratic Party, Max Cleland, Bill Clinton, and Freedom of speech is just some of her topics. I finished this in one day. Ms. Coulter is a brilliant writer that is intelligent, witty, and very sarcastic. Combine that with her logical and candid manner and you can see why this very articulate woman is on the bestseller list. A very easy read. This book is entertaining and thought-provoking. There is no question that it is biased, but what book isn't.
  • Easttenn Finest - The ultimate ps3 bundle!!!Ok, this is a probably the best bundle to have out of all the ps3 bundles out there. I mean if you dont already have one a ps3 yet, I pick up the bundle on black friday for $199.00 and they shipped it for free too, so I got a really really really good deal. The system comes with the ps3 250gb console, one wireless controller, the a/v output cable (wish it was a hdmi) the controller charger cable, the infamous 1 & 2 and bonus festival of blood download and the drake uncharted 1 & 2 games. Alot of people were mad that the games didnt come in the orginal case but to me I didnt mind. The system overall is smaller than the previous one which is a good thing but it does seem like the fan on the system doesnt do a good job to keep the system to run cool, there for keep in mind to keep the system in a ventilated area, other than that its just as good as the previous slim model. I do actually like the slide back opening disc unit,yes it may be made more cheaply but it does cut down the overall weight of the system, the disc operating in the system I couldnt really tell the diffrent in how it sounds when its loading from the previous model sounds about the same to me. So I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking to buy a ps3 who is looking to buy one. A great system just got a little bit better!
  • Desert Denizen "desertkrone" - Cured my diarrheaAt the age of around 59 I developed diarrhea. I couldn't figure out why for a couple of years until my doctor suggested I might be lactose intolerant. I have no family history of lactose intolerance, so I was skeptical. But I did stop ingesting lactose from dairy products, and my diarrhea went away. I then tried taking Align and ingesting dairy again, and found that I could do so. I tried several other probiotics, but Align is the only one that works for me, this is including probiotics that include the B. infantis bacteria. The strain of this bacteria in Align is just what I needed. I do have a history of taking a lot of Cipro for chronic bladder infections.

    Over the past week I have started a lactose-and-dairy-free diet while taking Align. I felt better in 3 days on this diet. I am also prediabetic and have started testing my blood sugars. For now I plan to stay on Align. It works for me. And I wonder if the small amounts of sugar and milk products in the capsule are not enough to affect my allergies. I do wish Proctor and Gamble would address all the additives they have in this product. I wonder if they need a little sugar and milk as a medium to support the bacteria in the gut. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, bottom line is it works where many others failed. It does not seem to affect my lactose and dairy allergies, and does not affect my blood sugar levels.