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  • K. Sharma "Kan" - Another Masterpiece from KDLINKS!!Ever since I used KDLINKS HD700, I became a huge fan of this company. I was looking for a good Android 4.x based media player/smart system. I tried a few devices in the past and had horrible experience. While surfing Amazon, I came across this newly released Android based device from KDLINKs. Going by the previous experience, it didn't take me seconds to order this product.

    After received it, it surpassed all my expectations. Amazing product with a great quality. I love the ease with which you can have all the Android apps on this device and enjoy it on big TV with 1080P picture quality. GUI is great. It has tons of features. It is not just an Android device, it is a great media player too through which you can play almost any video, audio, pictures files from USB drives and SD cards. Its decoding capabilities for media play are much better than well renowned brands like Western Digital, Apple Media Receiver, Roku, etc. I am an electronics freak and own all these devices. That's why I can tell you the difference.

    With its dual core CPU capabilities, it's really fast and operations can be performed smoothly. My kids have been playing several games and they just love this device. And as a bonus, you can have a remote control app on your cell phone through which you can control this device very easily. This is a superstar for me. I might buy one more for my second TV. In short, I am thrilled to have this device. If you are looking for an Android based Media Player then don't waste your surfing websites and looking for better options. Trust me, I wasted a lot of time and tried three, I feel like throwing them in trash now.
  • Ann B. Keller "Ann B. Keller" - Fabulously ImprobableThis is the story of the dazzling young starlet, Dee Moray, whose unfortunate encounter with Richard Burton leaves her forever changed. At first, they explain that Dee is apparently dying of cancer and she escapes to the remote Italian village of Porto Vergogna for the duration of her illness. There, the kindness of Pasquale Tursi, the innkeeper, impresses the young American woman and a strange friendship begins to blossom.

    A visiting doctor suspects the truth about Dee's strange "illness," but Dee has already been changed by her brief stay in the vintage hotel. Here, life and death seem poised on the brink of a precipice, where virtue and kindness are weighed against gluttony and avarice.

    The ending is interesting and thought provoking. Intense introspection is the crowning achievement of this rare novel. Read it - and be forever changed.