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AbacusRx - Pharmacy System and Pharmacy Software for Pharmacist - Pharmacy systems, Pharmacy software, sales and service since 1984. Complete Pharmacy management system, Accounting, Inventory, Auto fill, Counseling, Reporting and much more.


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  • K. Martinez "K. Martinez" - Great for beginnersI've only taken one Wilton decorating (basic one). This booklet has greatly helped me get acquainted with fondant/gumpaste. I've been able to make 4 fondant cakes already (and have not taken the fondant/gumpaste course). Highly recommend if you're interested in learning these techniques by yourself or if you don't have time to attend class.
  • Steven Portera "steve-sr" - Where are The Bathrooms?After years of travelling on business trips, going shopping to the mall, grocery shopping or just taking a trip to nowhere, my first question was "where are the bathrooms? I have suffered many years with the bloating, gas, blood, intestinal pain and diarrhea followed by weight loss. Also how many sleepless nights can one take because of the constant intestinal rumblings? This book has been a lifesaver for me. It is not an easy diet to follow but you must be persistent. Elaine's book helped me to the point where I'm no longer on medication and I am no longer looking for the bathroom when traveling!
  • Basil A Ba-aziz - Perfect on Mac Book Pro 17Install on MBP 17 2011 Model with 16GB and i7 Processor, the speed is amazing and with Parallels the booting time for Windows 7 (5 Seconds) , Previously I was having Momentous 750 Seagate (Hybered SSD) Drive it have many problems (Could not defrag or you will lose the drive) and I lost 2 Drives so far of that. I decided to move to SSD and I shocked by the difference of the speed and performance.

    It is very good investment price per MB is excellent, I bought it from Crucial Website 499$ + 50$ Taxes.

    Using BlackMagic Speed test here is the results:
    Writing (411 - 422 MB/s )
    Reading ( 484.9 - 491 MB/s)

    Compared to Momentous W( 78.5 - 101 MB / S) R( 85-90 MB/s) (92$) Seagate Momentus 7200 750 GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s 16 MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive ST9750420AS

    This is the best Disk I ever had