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American Association of Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics - The American Association for Medical Chronobiology and Chronotherapeutics (AAMCC) provides an organizational framework for scientists and healthcare professionals interested in the medical application of chronobiology and chronotherapeutics.


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  • John E.D.P. Malin - Brilliant, Lucid, Passionately Moral---1st Rate Philosopher!In reading all the reviews of his paperback edition (298 of them) this morning, I was shocked how immoral most of the reviews were. It is as if someone had organized a concerted effort to attack Dr. Harris argumentum ad hominen. Repeatedly, what are the virile strengths of the book were maliciously misinterpreted, twisted and distorted to such a degree that it is apparent that the majority of the reviewers had actually not read his clean, immaculate and compelling prose style.

    He is a 1st rate philosopher with an uncluttered psyche (as one would aspect from a cognitive scientist)! What was most disturbing to me were the tens of hundreds of the writers who "praised" his book, only to insert their own worthless dribble in their review of his book.

    As he simply, passionately and profoundly asserts, there is NO meeting place between Science and Religion. If we want more social inequality, malice, unncessary crulty and misery---by all means promote the verbal nonsense of Religion based in obscurantism and ancient texts. I know my ancient languages quite well---Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian, Babylonian (Akkadian & Sumerian) and Sanskrit. These ancient texts have nothing to teach the post-modern, post-secular age! In fact, we will become extinct as a species, if the Scientific community does not heed Dr. Harris' clarion call. Facts and Values both obtain within a Belief system. On the great questions of Meaning, Morality and Life's Larger Purpose [see p. 1], it is only Science that can contribute meaningful information.

    Because his mind is so moral, pure and translucent, he incurs the hatred from the religious scum---lunatics, pedophiles, sadists, misers, & scoundrels---who hide behind the empty nonsense of an imaginary god to further their deprivating acts of autistic fear, anger & pain (what breeds violence)!

    This book is formidable and monumental! It is a pity that it was not written two centuries ago when the youthful Romantic poet Shelley was expelled from Oxford University for writing his treatise, "On the Necessity of Atheism."

    The anti-intellectual reactions to this book (by presumed intellectuals) is proof of its singular genius! It will be read for the next four centuries (if we survive as a species) to the mutual advancement of the human race!

    John E.D.P. Malin
    Informatica Corporation
    Chairman of the Board & CEO
    P. O. Drawer 460
    Cecilia, Louisiana 70521-0460

    Facebook "John Edward Malin"
  • apk - Great!This product is AMAZING. I have yet to see any problems that everyone is talking about here; it is just a great experience. The tablet is blistering fast! I would say it is desktop quality. Android 3.2 is the only set-back... But it will be updated to 4.0 in January so it's fine.
  • D. Powell - Excellent Read!Excellent read! Sarah does a fantastic job at translating the heart of Christmas from; Christmas past, present, and a "choose an ending." The situations that she discusses are true and relevant to the survival of the American tradition...this is a must read book. She has successfully blended the joys and emotions of Christmas with the political snares/issues that are imminent for the future. Americans need to make a stand and voice their opinions while we are still able.
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." Ronald Reagan
  • andres cerdas moya - As a Costumer...I WANT respect!!!!Let me see...more than 1000 1 star bad reviews against the game and nobody talk about their rigs or internet speed? COME ON!!!! they are trolling us or raging the game!!!

    Be serious for the god's sake!!! It is a awesome game Im played Diablo Saga entirely and this is a excelent great game, I really don't understand the bad comments or a logical explanation about their complaints.

    As a costumer Im dissapointed with that complaints because they don't help me to search a good solid reason to dont buy this game...anyway I buy it and Im happy because I dont listen trolls or rager "gamers".

    My rig:

    Phenom II X6 2.8GHZ
    8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance
    Motherboard MSI 870s-G46
    Video Card MSI Radeon HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 256bit
    Power Supply 850W XFX
    Internet conexion 512kb/s

    Yes my internet conexion is that! 512kb/s and I play Diablo 3 without problems, when I had lag is only when someone of my family is using the same conexion(obviously) but apart of that is NOT Blizzard Servers problems it is in my own house.

    Now the game is Fantastic, I playing with the Demon Hunter in Nightmare at level 43 and is go up, the gameplay becomes hard and funny, NO complaints I want to play more with the other characters, is so adictive, you want to get more gold, more experience and rare or legengary items, if don't, you can but it with the gold's game or real money at the auction house if you want(nobody put a pistol in your head to buy with real money).

    Finally If you like MMORPGames or even RPG strategy games, if you really want to play it, so...DONT LISTEN THE 1 STAR TROLLS OR BANNED RAGERS, is YOUR choice, but be sure to have a good PC and a good Internet Conexion if you dont want to have any kind of problems.By the rest Enjoy Diablo 3 for the next 10 years ;)
  • BigMac - A Fascinating Book!This is a well written, well annotated book by a Pulitzer winner. It is also a book that pulls no journalistic punches. My hat is off to Hersh & the publisher for having the cojones to write/print such candid material about so popular an historical figure. Of course, JFK's untimely death was tragic. That said, in order to gain informed insight, one must sometimes go beyond even the most tragic of events and/or popular legend in making that effort. "The Dark Side of Camelot" certainly accomplishes that.