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  • Morrissey "The Mozfather" - Ann Coulter is an American Hero!Ann's assessment of the political climate in this country is right on the mark. She is such a force that Time magazine was compelled to cover-feature her...distort the picture, write about how "divisive" her views can be and basically say, "We don't like her, so you shouldn't either." Buy Ann's books. Her analysis of McCarthy in Treason is the work of a sharp historical commentator and analyst and our Nation's premier political mind!
  • OCMama - Very impressedI purchased this kit in April (2012) and have used ever since. I battled acne in my early teens and was put on accutane and my skin cleared up.. until I had my first child 4yrs ago and my face turned into pizza. It was oily and I would get small small bumps all over my forehead and chin. It cleared up with the help of proactive. What I didnt like about proactive is that it made my face itch like crazy and that the day you go off it your bad skin comes back.. and ten times worse!

    I went through all the different systems they offer at stores like Target, Walgreens and Sephora. Total waste of money. I finally found a system from Boots that I really loved. It cleared up my skin, it was affordable and sold at any Target store. Love! But.. now on to baby nr.2. I started breaking out like C R A Z Y again (I guess my face doesnt work well with the preggo-hormones.. oh the joy of being a woman). I kept using the Boots system but it did little use.

    Once my baby was born I saw a dermatologist that subscribed a topical wash and lotion. It cleared me up, but I looked HORRIBLE from being soooo dry. I tried using the products every just once a day, every other day.etc.etc. but I was still dry as sand paper and always flakey. I had to put on moisturizer like 10 times a day. Horrible. And forget being able to put makeup on! Fast forward. Im on youtube looking at makeup videos and this video with a girl with BAD acne pops up. She talks about the acne.org regimen (which I have never heard of before) and totaly RAVES about it. Her results look amazing. Im thinking that is looks to good to be true, but go on amazon to check it out. I loved the reviews and decided to order a kit.

    In a couple of weeks my skin had pretty much totally cleared up. Im not dry or flakey or itchy. I ran out of the wash and went back to Boots, big mistake! Now Im kinda starting to break out again, so I just went online last week to order a new bottle of the wash. I really like it and will continue buying it.
  • Joan Burton - So far so good...I have been using this for about two weeks and it has really helped. I am 52 and have been going through menopause for over ten years. Bloating and stomach issues are not only a problem with age but it's a symptom of menopause. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago. I rather take a capsule then buying a ton of probiotic yogurt. This is cheaper and easier. I highly recommend and will buy again.
  • Jim Galligan - One regretThere is not much more that can be said about this album. The hype is true, and if you don't hear that on the first listen through, just wait. Listen to it a few more times and it becomes obvious just how great it truly is. I have however one regret. It took me 8 years to find this album after its release. Had I known what was happening in Bristol all those years ago I'd be able to have enjoyed this album even longer. Don't hesitate. Discover this and the rest of the Bristol music scene as soon as you can. You'll be better for it.