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  • stevnated - It worked for me!I am so thrilled! I've had this ugly mole beside my nose since I was a teenager. I started the treatment on Saturday night. Today is Friday and the mole is gone and the skin is almost completely healed!!! It's like a miracle. I had an ugly scab on my face for a few days, but I consider that a small price to pay. It took two applications for the mole on my face. I think the larger the mole the more applications you need, because it has to dry it up and shrink it down. Another huge mole on my side took three applications, and now it's about half the size it was and the color is gone. I'm going to wait until it heals and start again. I don't know why people complain about it being work ... it's really no big deal. if you can get your moles removed by your dermatologist go for it but my insurance wouldn't cover it. The healing balm that they sell with it works great too. I do have to say it doesn't seem to work as well on my skin tags. I think it's because they are so tiny that it's hard to abrade the skin enough to allow for absorption.
  • - A must read for anybody raised on antibioticsThis book provided me the most insight into what actually has been happening in my body. This book was recommended to me by a friend and has been a godsend. It explains how a person with Candida can use food as a tool to achieve health. Before reading this book, I did not understand how my eating habits were keeping my body in a state of illness. This book also explains why children who grew up being given anitbiotics for everything are more at risk for candida. I never thought I would find the topic of bowel flora and intestinal function interesting, but this book put the medical concepts within my grasp.
  • Richard Heruska "Stlthdvr" - Fantasic PlanFor all of you who have tried every diet, and ate so called "healthy foods" like Oatmeal, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, and Soy, you will be presently surprised at the logic and common sense of this plan. It's not about "what you eat" its about how your individual body reacts to what you eat. The book starts off with a very non traditional cleanse, where you eat very well, instead of starving yourself. First Cleanse Ive done where I didn't have to choke down food I despised, or starved myself for 3 days. Then the plan re-introduces you to most peoples favorites - Wine, Chocolate, Coffee...etc, and you slowly add traditional foods back into your diet over 21 days. each day you test for foods your body reacts abnormally to, and simply move towards the food that your body and system naturally digest. So simple, so easy and my wife and I have both lost weight immediately - while eating like a normal person. Who would have thought that a cupcake is better for me than Asparagus? Or that potato chips help my wife more than yogurt? The book is an easy read - THE PLAN is simple to follow ......and we've managed all this without grueling exercise routines. Dr. Lyn-Genet Recitas simplifies eating - its not a diet - it is a simple process of trial and elimination.

    I highly recommend - No expensive supplements - no pre-bought meals - just simple logic & listening to your body. I've never enjoyed gong to the scale until I started this plan. It is amazing! Good Luck