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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: North York, Ontario

  • TStorm - STOP LOOKING- THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE TO GET!After researching which wifi camera to get, it came down to this being the best option for my husband and I for a number of reasons, the most important being:

    1. We can access the camera via each of our iPhones, iPads, MacBook & PC.
    2. We currently only have/need 1 camera, however, in the future we can access multiple cameras on a single device with split screens without having to have a separate device or app for each different camera, this was really the biggest deal breaker for us.
    3. The customer support reviews were very favorable.

    Upon receiving the camera, I was very anxious to get it all set up, which was very easy given the installation disc and setup instructions. I was immediately pleased with everything about the camera:

    a. The sleek look of the camera
    b. The functionality of being able to move the camera around easily from room to room as needed, or the capability to mount it if so desired.
    c. The great picture quality in light and dark rooms
    d. The included ethernet cable (for setup) as I didn't have a spare one kicking around.

    Everything was perfect, until I realized that I was not able to view my camera externally, from outside of our network or on 3G. So then I went about reading their troubleshooting guide till I felt I had it all memorized and yet nothing had worked. I then submitted a trouble ticket and had a response within JUST HOURS!!

    I ended up being helped by, Errol, who is an outstanding support technician! I opted for my assistance to be via remote screen support and Errol got right to work and within minutes he figured out the issue that was preventing my being able to view our camera externally. It really had nothing to do with Wifi Baby being overly complicated (as I've read in some other reviews), it was really the way our ISP set up our router(s) on our property. I called my ISP to have them reconfigure some of my settings and Errol waited VERY PATIENTLY on the line for an HOUR back and forth. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to resolve my configuration issues right away so I had to contact Errol again a couple days later when I had things in order.

    Once I contacted Errol to finish my setup, he connected remotely to my screen again and within 10 minutes, he had my external viewing set up on my computer and on my phones! This experience was so incredibly outstanding, it truly puts the SUPPORT in customer support! Did I mention the awesome hours that they are available to assist? Well, I am pretty sure they are available to help well into the evening, perhaps 9PM? Errol really was a pleasure to deal with and I would certainly refer every single one of my friends/family to purchase this product, if nothing other than for the outstanding one on one true customer support available to you, if you need it!

    DEFINITELY choose this camera, I'm sure glad we did!


    There is a separate third party app to purchase (I think $11.99) that works with this camera, however, it is not mandatory so if that is really a deal breaker for you then keep that in mind. Personally, I like the app and think that it's ease of use is well worth the money, but again, not mandatory.
  • Nancy Crays "book lover" - Another WinnerVoyager, the third book of the Outlander series, begins in Scotland where Claire Randall, who is now a doctor and a widow, has taken her daughter Brianna for a vacation. I really enjoyed the first part of the novel where Claire, Bri and their friend Roger do research Jamie Fraser and the battle of Culloden. The story went back and forth between their research in 1968 and the actual events in the 1700s. Claire longs to return to Jamie after discovering he didn't die in the battle and Bri and Roger encourage her to do so.

    After Claire returns to the 1700s and Jamie, the book reminds me of an action movie. There are often a half dozen wild activities swirling around all at one time. Claire, Jamie and others go to sea and end up in the Caribbean where they encounter more challenges and lots of action.

    Despite all the action, Claire and Jamie gradually learn more of each others activities during the past 20 years.

    The writing is excellent as usual. Characters and incidents that often seem minor have a way of popping up again many chapters later. Even characters I thought dead turn out to be alive.

    It was hard to put this book down and I sometimes stayed up too late reading it.
  • Neutralist - tax forms not yet updatedAs of this review 1/9/2013, the tax forms have not yet been updated. In fact, the IRS hasn't published the final forms and extended the filing date to 1/30/2013, but the deadline stays to April 15th. HR Block has an update scheduled for 1/10/2013, so I will provide update if the download actually includes the new forms. Otherwise, any of the interview forms on this product will need to be revisited when the new forms are available. You can buy the product now (and find any cheap deals), but wait to do your taxes until Feb 1 to avoid doing taxes twice - once now, then once again after the forms are updated to review all of the entries for any changes.

    This product installed on Windows 7 with no problems. I've used both HR Block and TurboTax for the last 15 years and always seem to comeback to Taxcut except for once a few years ago when TurboTax was actually easier/better. I have rental properties so need the extras& that Premium version provides beyond the Deluxe release.

    --Update 1/10/2013 --

    H&R Block released a product update as scheduled today. After installation, the interviews still have notice "This interview isn't final" with update notice that you can complete the return if you don't need to use some of the forms that IRS has still pending for final update.

    Also, If you file before 1/30/2013, then H&R will accept your electronic filing, then submit the filings to IRS in the order received.

    Next product update is scheduled for 1/24/2013.

    -- Update 1/21/2013 --

    H&R Block released an update ahead of schedule. The interview screens no longer have the notice so I would assume that the forms are now final. Having said that, the State download is not yet available. State download section says that State will be available 1/18/2013. Well, today is 1/21/2013 so they are behind schedule but I'm sure they will eventually release in time. It's not like IRS will process returns before the 30th anyways.

    -- Update 2/13/2013 --

    Most, if not all state downloads are available. However, IRS is still not processing returns with more complicated returns such as ones containing Mortgage Interest Credit.

    -- PRODUCT REVIEW ----

    I have just completed my return for both Federal and State (VA). The import functionality worked flawlessly from previous year return completed using At Home & Business version. Installation on Windows 7 Ultimate was easy and the patches and "updates" were prompt and mostly accurate. Any delays were the result of the government and not of H&R Block.

    The user interface is similar to previous versions - no surprises here. However, the meter that shows the amount owed/return is limited to five digits. This shouldn't be a problem to 90% of the returns, but could be distracting if you enter all the income first and deductions later.

    The interviews are the same as last year. It guides you step by step in filling out all the forms all the way to finish.

    The one problem I had was when using the "IMPORT" function to import my "Sale of Stocks and Other Assets" from TDAmeritrade. Clicking the Import button prompts for the TDAmeritrade username/password, but then it says "Your import was unsuccessful" and tells me to manually enter from paper documents. While this is not a problem if you had a few entries, but this could take a while if you had a long list of sales.

    My return is complete, but I will hold out until end of March to make sure that any further changes are reflected and filed correctly the first time.

    Strongly recommended.