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  • Benjamin Allison - Excellent ReadWhen I first heard about Kiss, my impression was slightly skeptical - I thought it might just be another cute amnesia story with an overused plot. But now that I have read the book, I realize I could not have been more wrong. Unlike other stories that use amnesia, this one has a twist: main character Shauna McAllister not only loses six months of her memory, but finds that she has the ability to steal them from others as well. She must then find a way to rebuild her life using others' memories all while trying to evade some unknown enemy who she suspects caused her the car accident that brought on her amnesia in the first place.

    Whoever thought of Ted and Erin joining forces to write a novel was a genius. Kiss has instantly become one of my favorite of Ted's books. "Heart pounding meets heart warming" really does a great job of summarizing this book. Not only did the plot have some of the great twists and turns that Ted is famous for, but the story itself seemed to come to life as I read it. The vivid descriptions and imagery my made me feel as I had Shauna's ability and was reliving her memories in my own imagination. Whether you've been a fan of Dekker for years or if Kiss will be your first, you are going to love this book.
  • jeffpeace - This book can save your LIFE! There is HOPE in this book.This book is amazing! 27 year of Crohn's hell - symptoms every day and flare ups. EVERY doctor told me diet had nothing to do with the disease. I did most of the drugs they recommend. They only worked for a short time. I got a bad fistula - "you must get surgery and be on drugs the rest of your life" was the mantra. I read the book. The theory made total sense and started the diet - following it 100%. I started to feel better in a day. Symptoms decrease and disappeared. Please Read this book (cover to cover) and join some of the online discussion groups. There are lots of people who are healing themselves with this diet and who have made lots of great contributions to the knowledge base (online) that is presented in the book.
  • Bozmanbeyond - Great Last Minute Anniversary GiftI was in a real bind at the the last minute to find a Anniversary gift for my best friend's 5 year. Low and behold I found it THE HUTZLER 571 Banana Slicer once again came through in a pinch. I wisely put it in a rather large box so not to give away what it might be. My friend opened the box and started to pull away the layers of news paper and began to think it was a joke and stopped digging. He then threw the box to the side and laughed, I then jumped up and said what are you doing it's not a joke. He then grabbed the box up and pulled out the last few layers of news paper and low and behold the yellow slicer lays in wait. Then a rather large look of surprise came to his face as he reached for the Hutzler 571, He grabbed it and held it high above his head with such a joyous look on his face. He then dash off to the kitchen and grabbed his biggest banana, pealed it back then began to let the Hutzler 571 do its dirty work. He then grabbed up the diced up pieces and ran to the blender, dropped them in with some ice cream and a bit of milk. Once it blended up nicely he took one big sip with a Awww of relief and said "Now that was the best Banana Split Milk Shake I have ever had." All this is in thanks to the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer.
  • Edith George Jasser - If you never owned one, try this lower priced one first - I love itIf you never had a yonanas, try this one first there are more expensive ones, I bought this one to try it and see that it actually works.
    And it does. I strongly suggest to make sure to freeze fruits over night and then take out a little before using, so they soften just a bit.
    and always always My experience only use 2 frozen bananas one in the beginning (freeze and use them whole) and one at the
    end, in the middle I have used so far frozen blue berries, another time frozen strawberries, and yes once a mix strawberries, blueberries and frozen pineapple pieces. When the soft serve is out, mix it up and then add what you like almonds, coconut, chocolate etc. and whip cream. Delicious and all natural.
    If you have leftover to freeze, it will not be soft serve anymore, I put them in ice cream bar containers and those are great to eat
    for kids with holding the stick and soooo much healthier for them.

    By the way I also did frozen pieces of avocado, with blueberries and bananas
    BEST results you will get with very ripe and sweet fruits.
    Edith - Chicago
  • Lynne Farr "Off The Grid" - Where Have You Been All My Life?Been dreaming of a hose like this, light, easy to use, and great looking (so cute you could wear it as a lei!). It replaced our old too-heavy, too-hard-to-unwind, too-hard-to-handle clunker of a hose. It's been a boon to two seniors living a DIY lifestyle in rural Hawaii. We're arguing over who gets to wash the car! Lynne Farr author of Off The Grid And Over The Hill